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Friday Night CBT ! 🌙

Evening Everyone!

Tonight I wanted to explain CBT abit more for you, if you haven't already watched the YouTube video. Then set a task maybe to do over the weekend? Something that will create a starting point for your journey to recovery.

CBT means .... cognitive (your thoughts) and behavioural (your actions)

Imagine you have boxes in your head.

One box is full of negative situations. Usually the biggest box.

One box is full of happy memories.

One box is full of TO DO lists

One box is full of facts and information

One box is full of every day automatic things (locking door, turning oven off)


So every time we go through an event, situation, task, etc we then put this into the right box.

BUT..... this is the big one!

That specific event isn't the only thing we put in the box! We also add in the feelings we had at the time, we put our emotions that we attached to it in the box, we also include our actions during and after the event aswell! THATS ALOT.

So what happens?

Next time we go through a similar situation our mind delves deep into the box and all of those emotions, feelings and actions come flooding back to us as if it was the day it happened before!

We have automatically thought that the same thing will happen exactly the same again.

Well the reality is it won't be the same but our minds are trying to keep us safe and oh so helpfully 🙄 reminding us how bad it was. Great isn't it....

What CBT does is it helps us take the feelings, emotions and actions out of the BOX !! Just leaving the reality of the situation. Which means that next time we have to experience something then we can into it with positivity and a new fresh pair of eyes!

Wouldn't that be something!!!

So here's your task for the weekend...

Find out what's in your negativity box.

What do you find the hardest in life?

If you could start anywhere what would you want to change first?

What is bringing you down the most?

Make a list. Brainstorm. Journal about it.

Bullet points. Say it outloud. Write it in lipstick on a mirror for all I care... write that list.

I will check back in with you next week to see how you got on!

Much love.

Vicki 🩷



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