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Welcome February!!

Oh blimey what a month January was! It seemed to be so long! So glad to finally have the thought that lighter evenings and warmer weather will be on its way soon!!

This week has been crazy!

The end of January and finally I HAVE LAUNCHED 🥳🥳

Heal Evolve Nurture has been such a long journey to create but the end result is EVERYTHING you need to really help your Mental Health!

As you know, I suffer with Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I now have these under control but only because I use all my own tips, tricks and techniques daily to make sure I keep in check with how I'm feeling.

Sometimes life can be chaotic and its so easy to let things get out of hand. We never put ourselves first when in actual fact we should be the ones of the highest priority. If we aren't well how can we possibly look after everyone else.

I know for sure that if I'm having a bad day then things slide so rapidly.

The most exciting part is that the videos to run alongside the course are now going up thick and fast on YouTube. I've started with CBT, which although it's Chapter 3 in Heal Evolve Nurture, it's the one where everything starts to make sense and you can relate to.

Here's my YOUTUBE link if you need it...

The videos are also on my website here :-

If your struggling to stay on top of your mental health.

If your struggling with day to day life.

If you find life just a little bit too much sometimes.


Keep checking back in with the website, YouTube and all my social media to learn new tips and tricks every week 😀

Have a great day!!

Vicki x

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