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HAPPY NEW YEAR .... slightly delayed... sorry!

January is flying past at quite a speed isn't it. Happy New Year. What a year 2023 was! The cost of living crisis really seemed to get it's grips into us, it definitely got worse as the year went on and affected so many people. There never seemed to be anything to look forward to. Money only going from month to month. I read somewhere last year that you should try and save 20% of your earnings. I mean that just isn't possible is it!

I remember back in October, I had a few weeks where I was so down. There didn't seem a point to looking forward to anything. The winter nights were looming in on us and Christmas. It's always such a stressful time. So much to do and there isn't enough time normally to do everything let alone cram in festive activities! Luckily I am on top of my mental health enough now that if I have a few down days I am able to lift myself out of them before they set in literally for the winter!

I hope you all had a good christmas, the rest you deserved and lots of yummy food and drinks. Did you spend time with your family?

I found that it was actually the busiest christmas ever for me, I don't feel like I actually sat down. I managed to eat everything I wanted and still didn't actually put on or lose weight. So that shows I must have been busy! I weighed on the 23rd of December at 12 stone 10 and still weighed the same on Monday 1st January.

Back in June 2023 I weighed 15 stone 10lb and over the space of 6 months I managed to lose 3 stone and now be able to maintain it even over the busiest time of the year!

If you want to know about how I did it then head over to my website and find my whole course HEAL EVOLVE NURTURE at 75% off !

2024 is an ---8---- number meaning that 2+0+2+4 +8 . Ruled by Saturn, like the zodiac sign Capricorn, it's a year headed for perserverance and ambition! BUILD, DO, CREATE.

Find your personal power, also inside HEAL EVOLVE NURTURE, and create the future you want! It's all about personal development, reward, understanding and balance!

We all struggle to get a balance in life. It's so hard when you dealing with kids, a house, bills, debts, family, friends, social life , work and activities. Where is the balance?

Balance comes with prioritising, delegating and saying no! Say No when you don't want to do something. If it doesn't fit into your life then walk away. It's your life you have to live how you want!

Create small goals to start with. Easy ones that you can manage to fulfill. Once you start crossing things off your list it's amazing how proud you feel how happy you become knwoing you are achieveing your goals. Gradually make them harder, make some that you will need to step outside your comfort zone to achieve.



Vicki XO

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