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Hi my name is Vicki Watmough. I am a Holistic Therapist specialising in CBT. My business plan and new start up is to open a Mental Health Retreat Care Farm in the South Gloucestershire area (not limiting help to this area, by using the space to share to social media).


Using recommended beneficial therapies such CBT, Nature and Mindfullness, I aim to get the help needed to those without the waiting times.


I am a survivor of Panic Disorder and Anxiety, and after asking for help, I was told the waiting times were 18months+. I knew I wouldn't be able to cope for that long. So, instead of waiting, I approached my healing journey from a different angle and qualified in Advanced Psychology, CBT, NLP and Therapeutic Counselling (among a few). I officially launched my own self paced online course this year (2024), after incorporating everything I used to heal at home.

I now want to pass this on to others, but on a much larger scale.

I have 2 business plans. A smaller mental health retreat, then opening a larger community care farm.

By encompassing the 9 areas of life (Spirituality,Mental,Emotional, Career, Financial, Health, Physical, Social, Intellectual) I want to be able to work on individuals balance of these areas. When one area is weakened, it can throw us out of sync and start to break down other areas.

My Holistic Retreat will have a few different sides to it.


A space for one to one affordable therapy.


A space for group therapy sessions.


The ability to spend the day with me working on the retreat (a one to one session, animal therapy, Nature Therapy and a relaxation session)


Team building days for businesses


A spiritual shop and more.

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