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How has your week been? What have you been up to?

Have you started to recognise any of the triggers that are stopping you to fulfil your dreams or step outsode your comfort zone?

It has been such a busy week here! I can't honeslty say I can remember how we made it through a week! January seemed to be the slowest month. Now February seems to be in 5th gear and racing past!

Anyway, lets get on.....

Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Depression. We all have heard those words thrown around each day. Some times we just put it down to a bad week. We accept that its a normal part of life. When things get too much and we cant seem to be able to see any type of light at the end of the tunnel, it's oh so easy for 1 bad day to turn into 2 then 3, 4 and before we know it its been a week. We haven't been our usual happy self, we aren't getting our normal amount of tasks done, we aren't socialising as much as we used to. The week turned into a month and now we are way above our head with negative thoughts, more jobs than ever to do and feeling so miserable. I know exactly how that feels.

There is actually a term for this...RUMINATION.... continually thinking negative thoughts and it affects your sense of time. You can lose hours to rumintaing because you aren't focusing on the here and now, your just constantly thinking bad thoughts and making them worse in your head. You actually distort reality and make things out to be something they aren't.

My Panic Disorder meant that I couldn't leave the house for 6 months, at first i didnt even realise that anything was that seriously wrong, i mean who doesnt love being at home. In actual fact something much deeper and more concerning was happening, I was being a recluse in a sense. I got to the point that it was completely normal to be inside and never have to go outside. However. what i couldnt see then but can see now is how draining it is.

Gradually it started to build up into a fear and that's when I then panicked multiple times a day just for the sound of my phone ringing or buzzing, the door knocking or the postman coming.

When your suffering from Anxiety, Stress or Depression, although you function, you don't really live. It takes a hold of you that can't shake off. It follows you like a shadow. It's a dark and lonely place and you feel ashamed, guilty and inadequate.

You have already taken that most important first step! Your here with me. You want to make a change because you recognise that something isn't quite right and you aren't acting or feeling like you normally would or want to.

Do you feel like you are living a different life? Are you watching yourself live and know that it's not really who you are? Have you forgotten who you really are? Are you always so busy being a provider that you dont have time to be who you are deep down?

You can still live a normal busy life but make it unique to you, add your own artistic flair to it, you can still add your quirky wonderful personality to situations but to do this you need confidence in who you are, fall in love with your true self and be able to raise your self esteem through the roof!!!

Here's a technique I want you to try this week. It's about finding out who you really are.

You will naturally change your likes and dislikes over time, as you grow up and your lifestyle changes. So what you may once have loved you may not so much now.

I want you to start making 3 lists.




High Heels



Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

Go to New Zealand

I have written an example down for you so you get the jist of where I am going with this. So your likes will change as you grow up. I liked High Heels at 18+ but no chance I am wearing them now and falling all over the place, so now its crocs for comfort. In the future, I would love a pair of sketchers. I've always loved Lord of the Rings, and then the Hobbut and I would love to visit New Zealand where it's filmed.

So you are finding about your past loves, what you love now and sneakily then setting in a goal themed around your loves! See what I did there!!!

Don't hold back! Find those loves and set those goals! No matter how unique, bizarre or far away they feel right now!

I will check back in with you next week

Vicki x

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