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What is it like being a Witch? Am I Different?

Ummmmmm no !! I am a completely normal person! I say completely normal but we all have our own little quirky habits don't we???? Please say yes!! Ha ha ha...

I am a wife and mum, my kids go to school, I take the dog for a walk, I do washing, cleaning, housework, have a bath, read books, talk to my friends, have hobbies, have social media just like everyone else.

The difference is that I incorporate Witchcraft into my day to bring peace, harmony, love and understanding. I respect the world that we have been given. I love Nature. I come alive when I am in Nature.

I love Witchcraft. It's had such a bad press for so long, but WHY? What were the witches trying to do? Heal people? Use the world around them? Take away the negativity?

Why is it in this world that when we don't understand something we run away from it, we turn our back to it and hope that it goes away? That's no way to live. We need to learn and understand. We need to accept that others have a different opinion, different judgements etc but thats ok. The world would be boring if we were all the same. We would be like robots, all doing the same thing all the time. Ewww that just sounds vile.

So, how do I include Witchcraft into my day, what makes me a witch compared to someone else? Witchcraft for me is all about Nature, I am classed as a Green Witch, borderline Kitchen Witch and sometimes a Hedge Witch. I practice different areas of Witchcraft, because the great thing is there is NO RULE BOOK! You live by your own rules and what feels right for you! You can pick which bits resonate with your soul, which bits feels right, which bits make your heart sing.

Walking in the woods for me, with our dog Tommy, a golden Labrador who is definitely a demanding additional child in our house, is just magical! My soul comes alive! I wake up! I zone out almost in the opposite sense. None of the real world matters. I love to see the different cycles of life happening in front of my eyes, the dead leaves on the floor, covering the earth and protecting the new shoots forming, the bugs who have made a home there in the winter. I am only absorbing what is around me. The world we live in is the only one we are going to get and slowly but surely we are destroying it. I am guilty of it at times, we all are but what we can do now is start doing small changes daily to start respecting what we have been given. Trees are magical, they are as old as time and each have special powers that can take away our negativities, they have the power to take away our stresses. Trees symbolise growth and resurrection, looking at the fact that during the winter they die back, all there energy goes deep into the roots ready for the spring and summer when they shoot back to life and grow stronger and taller.

Another form of Witchcraft for me is the witches calendar. I can judge where we are in the month by my moods, all relating to the moon! I almost become energised by the moon, and during a full moon each month I become more hormonal and head achy, due to the pressures of the moon and I know that I have to do releasing meditations to be able to work out what I need to do the next month. The changing seasons are a massive part of the witches calendar, its a cycle, rebirth, growth and death. We need all these 3 things to survive. Every 3 months when the seasons change Witches celebrate these changes. Whether it be birth, growth or death. Like I said before the trees in the winter go into hibernation essentially. They don't "die" as they appear, they close down, they conserve there energy for the event of rebirth and growth.

Another part of Witchcraft for me is the use of energy. Everything In the Universe is created through energy. If you break everything down to its smallest part it's energy. We as humans are created with energy. It's how and when we use this energy that makes us live. By being able to understand it, use it and in a sense manipulate it we can do incredible things. Using the energy we have within us can help us to push through hard times. On a day when we feel ill, tired, latheargic etc We know this is a time when our body is asking for a rest, it's needing fuel to survive, it needs care and love. The world we live in is always so busy and usually what happens is we push through these pains and has the eventual outcome of burnout. What if listen to our bodies? What if we manage the energy we have better? What if we prioritise ourselves, accept who and what we are? What we are capable of each day?

I will be including Witchcraft more and more into my stories, blogs and social media so that it becomes more accepted. It's understood more. Its not something to be scared of!

Would you like to learn more?

Head over to Heal_Evolve_Nurture on Instagram to keep up to date with me!!

Vicki x

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