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10 PART COURSE !! Learning all the techniques, information and tools you need to ACCEPT your past, COPE in your present and PREPARE for your future. Part One delves into acceptance and forgiveness, understanding limiting beliefs and knowing how to FEEL your emotions. Part Two gives you an understanding on how the mind and brain works, giving techniques on how to re programme your mind and thoughts. Part Three works deep in the world of NeuroLinguistic Practices, and what are triggers, how they affect our behaviour and emotions. Part Four looks into the world of spirituality, how to incorporate positive thinking into your life, and how we can use the universal energy all around us to work through our problems. Part Five opens your mind to the world of witchcraft. Breaking down the barriers, and misconceptions concerning witches and the magical world! Part Six looks at the incredible world involving the Law Of Attraction and Manifestation!! Part Seven looks into how to care for yourself, putting you first and how to use affirmations to increase your confidence and self esteem. Part Eight starts to bring in breathing techniques, meditation ideas and how to ground yourself. Many people believe mediation is cross legged in the corner of the room chanting, where in actual life it is very different to this! Part Nine gives help, advice and tips on how to increase willpower, learn acceptance and how to prioritise your life! Part Ten gives you an inside look to how I lost 3 stone in 6 months eating healthily and stepping towards my goal. I give you all the information I collected and used and provide you with everything you need to go forward!

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