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Why I decided Lifestyle Coaching

The funny thing is I didn't choose it!

The universe chose it for me!

I was quite happy with my blog Life As A Mother Hen and very gradually over time it started to evolve more into my mental health journey rather than my life as a mum. I starting to show my recovery journey online and I had so many positive comments from it, with people understanding what I was talking about and being able to relate to what I was saying.

One day I was thinking about how I could start to incorporate my blog with some kind of mental health free help and advice. I decided I needed to meditate on it, and see if my spirit guide could help me in anyway to come up with a plan! I had gone into a deep mediation, I was walking down some stairs and looking at a massive cave around me. It was all lit up with fire candles and all around me was massive pictures, they were like posters, it was all mental health quotes. I was walking around and there were people there staring at them and really intrigued in what they were seeing, they were asking questions and talking about their problems. There was a table piled high with books and people were taking them. It was like a community event.

So I came back from my meditation, and thats how The Mission Hen Mission started. I decided that I wanted to create a 'centre' for anyone struggling with their mental health or going through a rough patch, could come to (online) and be able to find all the help they need.

I remember when I was starting my journey, when I looked on the internet for help with mental health the topics were quite vague. It said things like 'learn how to deal with stress' and although that is a great piece of advice, learning how to actually do that is incredibly hard trying to do it on your own. So what I have done on the website is create all the topics, but more in depth, and adding my personal thoughts, hints and tips into it so it makes it easy to understand and relatable.

So there we go...

The universe sent me it whilst meditating, using my spirit guides...

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