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My plan for 2021...

The past six weeks have been so crazy busy and getting The Mother Hen Mission up and running has been one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I feel so passionate about helping other people deal with their emotions and start a recovery journey of their own, that I just can't wait for 2021 to come around so that I can really get stuck in! I have been so nervous, but the adrenaline rush and confidence that I now have has pushed me through to keep going and step outside my comfort zone so many times.

Starting any business is always a tough time, as it takes hard work and dedication to really set the foundations ready for going live, and I wanted to make sure that all the free downloads were in place and that I had a plan in place for how I wanted the launch to go.

Mental health still has this massive stigma around it and people are still really afraid to talk about it, they feel ashamed that they aren't coping as well as people expect them to be, that they are in a difficult financial situation and people will judge them for it, and that maybe their feelings are different to other peoples and that they feel afraid to speak out. When actually there is nothing to be ashamed of, and especially after the year we have all had coping with a global pandemic, now is the time we should all be pulling together! We should be supporting each other, talking about how we are and helping as much as we can.

My goal for 2021 is to spread the message as much as I can, provide free information and support as many people as I can! I want to show people that yes a recovery journey may be scary but if you take it in tiny tiny steps, then anything's possible! I am proof that it works!

So I want to step outside my comfort zone, and do all the things that I want to do in my heart but my head is still telling me I can't do it, so I am going to do loads of self development over Christmas and just go with the flow!

Bring it on!


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