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My normal day as a Mother Hen...

I want to start with... no day is normal in this house! However what is it is organised chaos and to be fair I don't think I would want it any other way! I have now organised the house, and my house cleaning routine is in sync, so I feel like actually although it may seem busy and chaotic, we have a good structure to the day.

I need to do this in reverse order really as my day starts the night before! Before bed each night or in the evening, I always make sure I have done the youngest packed lunch, and get the school uniforms ready. The kitchen is tidied and I know where the shoes and coats are. Before my system was put in place, we lost a shoe every morning!

When I get up in the morning, it now means that its not so stressful and busy. I have all the essentials of the morning sorted. So it's just keeping the kids calm, organised and on time. Which is a trial in itself right !!!

So once they have all left, the husband does the school run, I am then able to clear up the hurricane they have left behind. While they aren't here during the day, I don't want to be tripping over toys and pj's , so I make sure its all put away. Have a whizz around with the vacuum, tidy up and go out and say good morning to the chickens.

Once all that is done, I am able to then have a shower and get ready. Depending on what my plans are for the day, depends whether it a high bun and joggers kind of day, or hair and make up done, with actually usually joggers on as its so much comfier sat at a desk in your joggers and slippers on!

Then I am ready to start work, usually by about 10am. Our garage is attached to the house, fully converted into an annex, that's where my office is. It's my private and personal space away from the chaos of the house. I have a TV in there so hook up my NOW TV box, pop on FRIENDS or THE BIG BANG THEORY and crack on.

Stopping for a quick bite to eat at lunch time, usually a jacket potatoe or sandwich. I pop out and top up the chickens food, and then carry on working for about an hour or so until 2pm.

This is when I start making plans for when the kids come home, making sure dishwasher is emptied, beds are made, tea is prepared, and washing all done.

Kids come home about 3.30, get out of their uniform's straight away, and then its an hour of play time with them, talking about their day and at the moment their favourite game is the describing game, which is essentially the opposite of eye spy, where we describe what we see and have to guess. Our youngest is only just turning 4 and so the original eye spy is too hard for him, so we changed it so he could play as well. The kids usually get bored of me by 4.30/5pm which means I can then crack on with tea.

Kid's fed, and playing for an hour, before its a quick bath, 3 times a week, and straight to bed.

I then as I said get on with organising the next day and back to work by 7pm until 9pm, straight into bed and asleep by 10pm at the latest!!!

It's all about routine, organisation and efficiency. Please remember my life was not always this organised. I still have days when I am winging it, when my mental health is affecting me, and it all goes out the window but what I have learn't now is that thats OK and tomorrow is a brand new day! Move on and forget it.


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