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My Next Step In My Adventure

To understand and explain Mental Health better, I have decided to take on A level 3 course with learn Direct, to qualify me in Understanding Mental Health. I have never had any confidence in myself, at school I was told that I would never amount to anything and whilst studying for my A Levels my teacher actually told me " you shouldn't have even bothered doing A Levels as you won't pass them at the end". This was in the middle of one my classes, and I was so upset that I upped and left the class, whilst walking to my after school job I then phoned my mum and told her and said that I was never going back to school. She fully supported my decision. It wasn't until 6 months later when the test results came back that I found that I had passed my coursework with flying colours and if I had taken the exams I would have had the highest qualification. I was gutted obviously but by then I had found a job as dental nurse, and the management had already mentioned they were prepared to put me through college to gain a qualification so it has never actually affected me.

Now that I have moved on The Mother Hen Mission I have decided to get qualifications under my belt, to allow me to learn and teach specific areas, with the backing of a diploma.

I started my course in September, it is broken down into 5 segments and each segment can be submitted at your pace. The first one was due to be done by 27th December but last night I finished it and posted it ready for moderation approval. I am so happy and the confidence in myself has boosted today. It was so interesting to do the first assignment, which included learning about how the perception of Mental Health and how the treatment and diagnosis have changed over the years. How the media can influence peoples minds, and how the NHS can help to change and promote Mental Health.

I am loving doing it and I can't wait to move onto the next stage!


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