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My Mother Hen Mission Story

The last 8 weeks for me have been unreal!

In September, my personal life took a nose dive, I genuinely had no idea how I was going to pick myself up, especially after I had done so well on my journey so far. When a wise friend said to me "don't rely on others, you need to figure this out for yourself". At that time, it hurt me, I couldn't do this on my own, I wasn't good enough to do anything about this situation and I definitely didn't have the means to do it! I have always suffered with my confidence levels and this situation I was in definitely wasn't doing me any favours. I was low for over a week, and it was the hardest week I had been through in a while. It really hit me hard. One evening, something happened, I don't know what. Whether it was the phase of the moon or my spirit guides, I suddenly realise that I could start sharing my experiences with others, helping them to understand their mental health and start their own road to recovery.

Then the next 8 weeks were just so exciting! I have created The Mother Hen Mission. From scratch, with no help at all. I planned it, worked on it, focused on it, and researched it. The website, the fundraising, the downloads everything. It has truly been the most amazing time in my life. I have discovered so much about myself, that I didn't know was within me. My confidence has grown. I am so much more organised in my personal life and work life. I feel like I am so much better a person now. I can appreciate the little things in life now and love sharing my road to recovery, and the hints and tips I have learnt to pass onto others.

I recorded 3 videos for YouTube! This in itself, is one of my biggest achievements to date! I was absolutely petrified, and on the videos I sound so nervous! I keep saying to myself though that I will look back on these videos in years to come and recognise how much I have changed.

I can't wait to see where this story goes.....

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