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My Members Only Group..

I am so excited to announce my members only group! I can't believe the strength and confidence I have now, to be able to achieve something like this! To share the experiences I have had, and the information I have learnt to be able to go on my recovery journey!

The Members Only group is only £15 per month, for that you get both the downloads that are £4.99 each on the website, and you also receive 20% off all consultations with me and courses available. I will be doing live weekly videos, and you will get first access to my NEW releases before they go on the website!

The members group is focused more on individuals who have already started their recovery journey and ready to take it to the next level! They want to be able to delve much deeper into their emotions, and start to clear their limiting beliefs! To really get to the route of the problem, and to forgive, accept and move on from those bad experiences and start a new fresh life!

Recovery journeys can be a very hard, emotional time and taking the steps forward can sometimes feel like you are going backwards but every time you work on your soul, your beliefs, your confidence and well-being is one more step further.

So if you are ready to take a step forward, go into the unknown and start to build a brighter future for yourself, this is the group for you!!


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