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My Letter To Anxiety...

Dear Anxiety,

I'm not sure why you came to visit me uninvited, leaving behind all your baggage when you left! Leaving me with all these emotions and feelings that i didn't know how to handle.

You knocked on the door to my sub-conscious and walked straight in, you didn't care. I was fine before you arrived. Happy in my life, happy with my thoughts.

Then YOU came running in , you ruined me, you knocked me down, you stayed in my head and turned my angels against me.

You turned my happy thoughts bad, you made me nervous, and stopped me going out!

Why? What had I done that made you pick on me? Why did you just up and leave me to suffer?

It hurts, its a painful hurt, its a guilt and a shame that I have to carry every day!


Well not anymore.. you won't defeat me anymore! I'm going to fight you and kick your baggage to the kerb!

Just watch me!

Just you wait and see, just wait and see how you feel! I'm stronger than you , I'm a fighter! I will not let you take control of my life anymore!

Yes it will be hard, yes it will be a struggle!

Some days it may look like your winning but dont be fooled as I will come back stronger!

I will rise to fight you on each battle until I have won the war!!

Just watch me!

Anxiety Fighter.

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