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My Care Farm Future...

Oh this makes me so happy! Just thinking about it makes me smile!

I can't wait to tell you all about it!

So back in March, I had a dream, a vision, that I was going to open a Care Farm. A care farm is a cross between a farm, and a wildlife park! It allows you to work with the owners, providing care and support to the animals, maintaining the farm and learning about how the farm operates. The care farm welcomes members from the community, suffering with mental illness, to improve mental wellness and physical health.

The great outdoors, nature and animals are a proven method to increase the happy hormone, and start your road to recovery.

Anyway, back to March, the vision was so clear, it was so realistic. I love animals, being outside in the environment and I have grown up going to a working farm on holidays.

I started to write all my ideas down on a bit of paper, which filled up really quickly! So what is the best thing ever? A NEW NOTEBOOK! Oh I was so excited ! I was obsessed. I would spend all my time thinking about it. Thats when my mental health started to change, I was finding myself happy whilst doing the most boring mundane tasks, because I had something to focus on. I was googling ideas, I was watching farm videos, programmed on tele all the time dreaming of my own farm!

I started to research all the equipment, what animals I would love to have with me, ways to fundraise, making money, activities for the kids, a parent zone, and even branching out into a glamping site! I was watching Escape to the Chateau, on catch up as I had never seen it before, and they had just built their own glamping site. I was looking at the one they had used. I was truly loving it! I even drew a map of the layout! I knew the size of the areas each animal had to have, what food stands I would have. The staff room area, which KETTLE I would buy! I have literally thought of everything!

My notebook was FILLED! I had to get another one!

In June, my confidence took a hit, and I allowed myself to believe I would never actually be able to achieve it! So it got put on the back burner. I was low for a few weeks and felt so sad that actually my dream would never some true. I knew deep down that I would be good at it, that it was something I could do and do well, but the voices in my head told me different and as you know if you suffer with mental health, you always listen to the negative rather than the positive!

After a while, I got my mojo back again. I started my blog, and decided I need to sort my Mental Health out for good! I was so sick of how I was feeling and my emotions going up and down like a rollercoaster! Thats how my recovery journey started!

SOOOOO now the plan for the care farm is back on! I will achieve it! It may not be yet but ONE DAY I will run and own my care farm, helping others to start their recovery from mental health!

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