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Make Up & Mental Health

I have just recorded my first ever make up and mental health video! I was so nervous!

You can tell by my voice that I am nervous, and I ramble a lot but I am hoping that over time I will settle into it more. I think I need to have a subject to focus on each week, it will help me to concentrate more.

I wanted to start these diaries, really to help other people understand that we all go through bad times and experiences but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I struggled with my mental health for 15 years and now I finding inner self, accepting who I am and allowing myself to recover gradually.

I think from next week I will start with meditation, how I do it and what it has meant for me.

Recording videos is something that I never thought possible, if you had said to me this time last year, that I would doing this I would have laughed because I was in such a bad place with zero confidence and what I am achieving now would just have been so far outside my comfort zone, that I would not have thought it was something I could ever do.

What I have learnt over the past year is that actually, this was all in my calling and the universe has been guiding me to help others in their recovery. I need to be at my lowest to then reach for my highest! It's actually in my personality type to be a 'nurturer' or counsellor.

Mental health is such a 'here and now' subject and after the last year we have all had to endure, I feel that people are still really struggling to open up and accept their own feelings and emotions, so I am hoping by me talking out loud about it, and showing that we all need help at times, it will give people the confidence to use The Mother Hen Mission, and start their own road to recovery.

I am no make up artist, I am just a regular mum, who literally slaps the make up on, hoping that by the end the result doesn't look to bad! I have started to use different products, and I do watch others who do make up to try and get hints and tips to applying my own. I have found that really focusing on my skin care regime has changed the way my make up sits on my face and looks so much more defined!

Head back every week to see what I have been up to!


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