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Creating The Downloads...

There is so much information out there about Mental Health, ways to cope, ways to recover, help and advice, and sometimes it can feel like a mind field.

I get that, I was in the same position when I started to accept my mental illnesses and try to find a way to help myself get out of that deep dark hole that I was in! It was a scary and lonely place, and the more I looked for help, I just felt like I didn't know what was the best process or way to start. I was darting from one method to the next and not really feeling like I was achieving anything, except for more stress from adding all these new things into my life. It was so hard, soul destroying and extremely tiring. I was doing all these new practices, trying to retrain my brain to go from negative to positive. After living in the negative for so long, and being a very impatient person, it was not being able to see instant results. I wanted to wake up and feel confident, to be able to control my emotions and start building my future and that just wasn't happening.

However, looking back on those months now, I realise how much I actually learnt. How much I absorbed without knowing and even though it wasn't a planned process, I took those massive steps in the right direction and was able to fully commit, to my recovery journey!

So what I have been to do with the website is create downloadable packs, with all the relevant info that I found useful and adding in my hints and tips.

The first pack I created was the "Start Your Road To Recovery" and it includes every step I took to make a massive change in my mental health, and see a brighter future!

It is a 10 step process, with sections to be filled out as you go along. Helping you to delve deep into your soul and find your triggers, so that you are able to accept and move forward!

The second pack I created was the "Journaling". I am a firm believer in journaling and it definitely helped me to get my thoughts out onto paper, and gain clarity on them. Thoughts and beliefs seem more real and understandable if you can see them down on paper.

The 6 areas of my journey included:- Self care, Self Development, Meditation, Manifestation, Journaling and Business Building and I have created all these packs here at DOWNLOADS

With over 20 FREE downloads on my website now, I know that you will be able to learn so much about yourself, find ways to help you and start your recovery journey.

I have learnt so much, and loved the thought that I can help so many people by having this information in one place and understandable.

Please feel free to use all the info as much as you want!

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