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A Good Old Pamper Session...

I have always loved a good old pamper session!

Not just the actual pampering itself, but I have got a slight obsession with collecting beauty products! I have an actual problem with the amount I have and I love them so much I don't even want to open them! They look so pretty on the shelf! I worked with Avon for nearly 18 months and I swear I bought more than I actually sold! Every month they would bring out a new product, and I would always get it, as sales reps got a discount. Then you are able to get free gifts etc as well along your journey! So as you could can probably guess, I was in Beauty product heaven!

I am always being given beauty, pampering and toiletries at Christmas, and I know that some people think they are abit generic but I genuinely LOVE it! Added to my collection, save for a special night and look as them all shiny and new!

I love to have a long hot bubble bath, with exfoliation scrubs, face scrubs, masks and washes, hair masks, and oils. It is amazing how much better you feel after, your body is relaxed, you skin is soft, and you feel more confident in your appearance.

Having a busy and chaotic life, it can be really hard to fit 'pampering' into your day or week, but the one thing I have learnt since starting my journey is that, no matter what happens I have to have some 'Me Time', some 'Personal Space' and having things around me that keep me Smiling!

It's all about finding time for you, so while the kids are having tea, I cleanse and tone my face, I mean who needs to wear make up all evening! It gives your face time to breathe. After I have got them ready for bed, I run my bath. I have been know to have my pamper session in the middle of the day while the kids are at school! Takes away the risk of a child walking in, and wanting to get in after you!

Whatever, you do, please make time for some pampering! It will do you the world of good!


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