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What is Manifestation? 

Manifestation is the transmutation of thought into its physical equivalent. It’s the process of taking an idea, a dream, a goal, or a vision and taking the necessary action steps to make it a reality. Anything you can daydream about, you can create in your life.

Now this doesn't mean that if you dream you will win the lottery long enough that it will happen. What you have to remember is that without buying a ticket you can't win the lottery. You have to put the work in behind it for it to be come a reality. What you can do however is believe so passionately and with so much positivity that it will happen, that the universe will listen and let it be. 

You have to believe it, with every part of you, if you start to doubt then the universe will test you to see if you really want or can handle what you are dreaming.

I started to believe in myself, that things were really going to start turning around for me, that I was going to be happy, that I would have the life that I wanted and although I am still very much on my journey, this whole website is proof that I am on my way and that the universe is backing me. 

So now what I do is I put my dreams out there to universe, I say them out loud, clearly and with passion. I WANT TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. I WANT TO BE HAPPY. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE MONEY TO SPEND ON ME. It can be anything you want. You can ask for the money to buy a new car, you can ask for a friend to get in touch etc but you have to be clear and concise and you have to work towards keeping a happy state of mind. Staying positive and clearing negativity is so important. You attract the energy you put out. So if you always think that bad things will happen, then they will. You need to make sure that you telling the universe that your ready to be able to receive good things, and when you do LOOK for them, they could be signs of numbers or repetition in the same objects. It shows the universe is listening and helping you achieve your goals. 


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